Financial director

At Synergee we understand that a Finance Director is a valuable asset to a business, although often too expensive to consider employing a suitably qualified individual for this role alone. A Finance Director should be able to advice the business management on a broad spectrum of financial issues from the growth and development of the business, changes in the macro environment and changes in the needs of the business owner.

Synergee are able to offer clients the services of a quasi Finance Director to manage these issues. We will be able to advise on matters from strategic business planning, corporate structures, development of the business, asset purchasing, capital spend, tax planning, management accounts, cash flow management and much more.

The business benefits of outsourcing include saving the salary costs of employing a full time Finance Director, whilst enjoying the impartial services of someone with a wide breath of experience. Your Finance Director will be able to attend formal meetings to report on financial progress as well as regular informal reviews aimed at setting goals and budgets and monitoring progress.