Management accountant

Our management accountant service builds upon our Synergistic approach to our client businesses which includes the following four key elements:

  • Setting goals
  • Implementing management information systems and Key Performance Indicator's (KPI's)
  • Developing plans to achieve goals
  • Undertaking regular reviews

Our experienced team can provide management accounts from client's financial data on a quarterly basis and presented in a format tailored to meet individual company needs.

Using this information our team work with clients to set future attainable goals and look for ways to implement these through improvements of systems and processes. A number of KPI's will be introduced to measure in financial terms performance.

Through the identification of what a client wants to achieve in the future and the knowledge of where they currently stand we can work together to produce a sustainable plan for future growth.

Finally, through the production of quarterly management accounts we work closely with our clients to track their actual progress in comparison to their KPI's, considering remedial action where necessary.