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Synergee is a firm of experienced chartered accountants and business advisers in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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you need answering

We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it.
We ask the right questions that ensure you get the answers you need to drive your business forward.

01 Ask yourself

Where are you now?

Keeping track of your business finances can feel like a chore. We’ll help you stay on top of it and keep your business running smoothly.

02 Ask yourself

Where do you want to be?

Look ahead, head off problems and spot opportunities. Let’s work together to achieve your most ambitious targets.

03 Ask yourself

How do you plan to get there?

Working out a plan of action is the only way to get your business growing. Nail the strategy, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

04 Ask yourself

What resources do you need?

Getting backing for your dreams is easier when you’ve got us by your side. We know what it takes to get you the funds you need.

05 Ask yourself

How do you monitor progress?

Maintain your company’s success and reap the rewards. It’s a numbers game after all, so let’s keep a close eye on them.

Featured services

When it comes to accounting and business advice, there isn’t much we don’t do – but here are some highlights.

Management accounting

Regular reporting on the health of your business so you can keep on track.

KPI development & monitoring

Keep an eye on the numbers that matter and measure progress towards targets.


Can you predict the future? With careful analysis, you can certainly get close.

Here’s what our clients
have to say

Our clients really love the work that we’ve done for them – so much so that they’ve left us reviews.

“Prior to working with Synergee, our accounts had simply been a meeting I didn’t understand once a year. Then, when the money was starting to run dry it became apparent that I needed serious help. I was introduced to Darren who totally changed the way I see my numbers and how to use them to understand what was happening within my business. I can safely say that without Darren & Synergee there wouldn’t be a Sankeys anymore.”

Matthew Sankey

“Working with Darren and the Synergee team has been an utter pleasure. They respond to emails and phone calls quickly and efficiently and genuinely seem to have their clients’ interest at the forefront of their business strategy. I would heartily recommend them to anyone looking for a fresh approach in accountancy.”

Dan Boyes
Alexandre Boyes

“At my previous company I had to find new accountants to improve effectiveness, accuracy, and efficiency in our company accounting that we had in place, one of our supplier partner companies recommended I talk to Synergee. I was very pleased to meet Matt Allen, he quickly assessed our business needs and recommended a clear way forward, including a new accounting package, the results were positive from the start, providing a ‘breath of fresh air’ with close engagement, obtaining a good understanding of our business fundamentals.

When I came to start my own company GI Systems Ltd at the start of 2019 there was no hesitation in using Synergee as my accountants, their advice and support as a start-up was valuable in initially setting up and I continue to be pleased with the ongoing relationship as my company moves forward. I would highly recommend Synergee Ltd to talk to if a company is looking to review their accounting needs.”

Rob Stockham
GI Systems

“I have two businesses: a business coaching and training company and I co-own the BNI Kent region. As you can imagine I meet many professional services companies and needed to be very careful in selecting my Accountant. The reasons I chose Synergee and stay with them are:

· Their pricing is very transparent you know exactly what you need to pay every month and the service you will get

· They check our QuickBooks accounts every month to make sure everything is allocated correctly, giving us peace of mind

· They are friendly and approachable and explain the figures in a straightforward way.

I meet lots of business owners that just sign their end of year accounts without understanding them, the team at Synergee make sure that doesn’t happen. This gives me the confidence to refer our clients to them as it ensures they get the service they need.”

Lucy Cameron
Action Coach and BNI Franchisor

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