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Management accounting is about understanding your results for a given period, and what is driving them. It is a systemised process that includes capturing and analysing the data, reviewing it to ensure accuracy and then, most importantly, making the adjustments relevant to your business to ensure the transactions are reported in the correct period.

Adjustments could include accounting for stock, deferring deposits received for future work, making sure progress on long term projects is recognised in the periods in which the work is completed, etc. Without making appropriate period end adjustments, you could correctly capture all the accounting transactions in the period but report a completely misleading profit.

Management accounting also allows you to review actual results against targets to check on progress and take remedial action where required.

We can help by discussing your requirements and implementing a system to manage the reporting process, in a format to fit your specific requirements.

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“We have worked with Synergee for many years, and they have been instrumental in growing and securing our business. The response from the whole team is always speedy and any difficulties are resolved with the minimum of fuss! Every deadline is met well in advance, so we are never caught out and tax planning is efficient and forward thinking.
All in all, Synergee offer great value all round and we cannot offer high enough praise particularly over the last 18 months!”

Amanda Hornsbury
AK Garage Doors Ltd

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