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Over the last few years, construction companies have struggled to maintain their turnover as profit margins are sliced due to the turbulent economic climate. It’s hard to get the bigger picture and work out what you need to do next to get the results you need. Finding the time, energy and resources to do your accounts is a very difficult task.

Luckily, we’re well versed in the world of construction. With services designed to help you sort out your tax, we’ll provide support you can rely on to make a real difference to your business.

Whether it’s CIS registration, VAT compliance, stategic planning/advice, or just general tax support, we offer services that will get you back in control of your tax situation. You’ll have the foundation to build upon, giving you stability and the assurance that you can continue to do great work. Any questions or things that come up along the way, we’re here for you.

Synergee have provided me with helpful, knowledgeable, and constructive advice and excellent service for over 20 years. Throughout this time there have been significant advances in technology and constant changes in legislation and reporting mechanisms. They have helped us to develop our business and enabled us to concentrate of what we do best. Whether it’s a 5-minute phone call with them or a review meeting, it is time well spent. 

Michael Hazell-Smith
The Perfect Painting Company

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