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A limited company must submit a corporation tax return to HMRC every year. There’s no way out of it, even if your company didn’t make a profit and there’s no tax to pay. You have 12 months to file your return after the end of the accounting period it covers.

Considering how fiddly and time-consuming tax returns are, late filings are more common than you might think. A late corporation tax return means late fees, potentially even an extra 10% of what you owe. Plus, if you make a mistake, you could accidentally pay more than you need to.

We’ll help you avoid these problems before they arise. Routine tax work is no problem for us given the sheer volume of corporation tax returns we’ve filed for companies throughout our years of operating. We can take care of the whole process for you – from calculating your profit and loss to preparing and filing your return. What’s more, we’re not the type to forget about your return when it’s finished – we’ll deal with all follow-up queries from HMRC.

Companies have a range of opportunities to claim tax relief on their corporation tax bill, such as R&D credits. Qualifying business expenses can also be deducted from your profit before it’s taxed, significantly reducing the amount of tax you pay in some cases. From office supplies to travel costs and even some types of entertainment expenses, we will take all your expenses into account while working on your tax return regardless of your sector – nothing is too niche for us.

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“I have been using Matt at Synergee for around 12 years now and have a very positive working relationship with Matt and the team. Since I first started using Synergee my accountancy needs have evolved, and I use them not only for my tax return and company accounts but also for strategic advice and tax planning. I have recommended them to contacts over the years and would not hesitate to recommend Synergee to anyone looking for a forward-thinking and approachable accountancy practice.”

Natalie Boardman
Belvoir Franchise

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