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Each year, every limited company must file annual accounts to Companies House, a long and complex task that takes a great amount of time and energy to get right – time and energy that company directors could be directing towards the growth of their business. Leave your accounts to the last minute and you’re more likely to rush them and make mistakes.

Companies House judges the accuracy of accounts meticulously. Just a forgotten signature or incorrect wording is enough for them to be rejected. What’s more, if acceptable ones aren’t filed on time, it will automatically levy filing penalties, potentially costing your company an unnecessarily large amount of money.

Mitigate the risks and save money by arranging for us to sort your statutory annual accounts. We’ve worked with countless companies over the years and filed just as many accounts, so you can trust us to be fast and accurate.

Not only that, but we also consider company accounts more than just a stack of compulsory paperwork, but a springboard to identify your financial position, spot achievable goals, and grow your business’s profits. While sole traders aren’t required to file statutory accounts, many find it beneficial to do so to reap this benefit.

Your statutory accounts must be filed within nine months of your company’s financial year-end, while new companies must file their first set of accounts within 21 months of registering with Companies House.

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“Synergee is an ideal financial support and partner for an SME. They are fast, accurate, adaptable and highly responsive. They run everything from bookkeeping, management accounts and statutory accounts in a highly professional way. In addition, they are adept at tax issues as well as handling one-off, larger issues such as restructuring accounts..”

Ian Rae
Seon Diagnostics Ltd

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