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Having an exit plan, even when business is going well, is incredibly important. Perhaps you’re thinking about handing the business over to a family member when you retire. When it comes to it, leaving a business can be stressful and emotionally draining, especially when you’re confronted with a problem you hadn’t considered, or someone suddenly objects to the direction the business is taking. It’ll be even more stressful if you end up leaving earlier than planned out of necessity.

Whether it’s to ensure a smooth transition or to establish a fallback plan to respond to a deteriorating financial situation, an exit strategy will alleviate the pressure on yourself and the business. We’ve helped countless business owners design an exit plan, so nothing will come as a surprise to us. Whether it’s to pass it on down your family to your children, sell it to directors or partners before you retire, or liquidate the firm, we’re ready to help in what can be an already stressful situation.

The earlier you plan your exit strategy, the better, especially if you’re passing on your business to your family. That way, everyone will have had time to air any grievances they may have had. We’ll help put conflict resolution mechanisms in place and develop management plans to build a seamless transition.

If you’re selling, not only will we ensure you get the full amount of money your business is worth, but that any capital gains you might have made from assets and shares won’t be hit by a large tax bill. Where you qualify, we will also secure business asset disposal relief for you to reduce your capital gains tax liability.

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We have worked with Matt and Synergee for many years and we see this relationship as a partnership.

They are always available for advice and always complete our works in a timely manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them and I would go further and say that you will not find a better accountancy firm.

John O’Connell
O’Connell’s Drywall Contractors Ltd

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