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Management accounts give you an accurate overall picture of where you are now. Depending on how detailed they are, they can also provide a good idea of why you are where you are. For example, in support of the sales figure for the month, they may include opportunities to quote, successful conversions, average selling price and so on. There are various key income and expense lines in your accounts that can be better understood if the underlying drivers are included.

This can lead to a significant amount of information in your management accounts, which can result in important information being buried in the detail. We can help you identify the key drivers of your business success. We then allocate targets for each key element and measure them on a regular basis. The actual and target Key Performance Indicators are then included as a separate summary in your management accounts. This highlights areas that require additional review and ensures key areas are not overlooked.

Here’s what our clients think

“We have used Matt Allen at Synergee since 2019. The initial transition from our previous accountants was very smooth and we have been extremely happy with the service from Synergee ever since. In particular, the move to QuickBooks has transformed the efficiency and management of our accounts – meaning we always have an up-to-date view of how the business is performing. Not only do Synergee also constantly monitor the accounts to ensure their accuracy but Matt can always be relied upon to answer any questions that we may have and provide advice and guidance where required. We happily recommend Synergee to our clients, both for their personal and corporate tax affairs, and will continue to do so.”

Alex Colville
Bromige Financial

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